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OEUF means egg in French and the restaurant takes its name from the great passion that the two owners and chefs, Monica and Caterina, have for the egg.

Egg one of the simplest but at the same time complex foods, in their welcoming restaurant in the heart of the city of Asti, will be declined in all its forms: cooked at low temperature, fried yolk, marinated yolk, English cream, tuna sauce and other infinite variations thus creating a card that tells the territory to which it belongs with a careful look at innovation and the future of the kitchen.

Seasonality and product excellence are the basis of Oeuf's cuisine, a craze for the two chefs who are very careful in selecting the raw materials.

As well as their cuisine, which unravels between tradition and innovation, also the concept of their place between

classic brick vaults and colored chairs, all different, suggests this combination of tradition and modernity that distinguishes the spirit of all the staff.




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