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Oeuf was born as a catering. The chefs and owners started to take their first steps in 2014 just by catering. Weddings, coffee breaks, gala dinners, small and large events both private and corporate were served by oeuf, thanks to the passion and experience of Monica and Caterina: they take care of every little detail with manic detail, starting from the setting up, going through the selected staff, up to the kitchen that meets innovation and tradition always looking for high-level raw materials

Their preparations made happy:
Audi zentrum, Asics, Tre A, Eventi solutions, Symposia Congress Organizer, Symposium, Reale Mutua, Giovanni Goria Foundation, Asti Bar Association, Asti Psychologists, BNI, Asti Architects, Saclà,
Municipality of Asti, Teatro Alfieri, Lions club, Soroptimist, Spazio Kor, Zonta, Ceretto wineries, AIS
.... and endless private events.

The craze for raw material, possibly at zero km, even if it sometimes admits exotic intrusions, is oeuf's strong point. Caterina and Monica are convinced that an excellent raw material, low temperature cooking and a pinch of innovation are the basis of a modern, fun and tasty cuisine.

Both cooks study the dish in a manic way, looking for the right balance between the ingredients and with a very careful eye on aesthetics and colors.

Their versatility makes their catering suitable for any event, which has 10 people or 1000.

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